2017/01 – Field Naturalists

An enthusiastic band of Newcomers met on Wednesday, January 11th to learn about PIFN, the Pender Island Field Naturalists. It was great to have one of our own members, Simone Marler, as our “guest” speaker. And since the goal of PIFN is to foster understanding and appreciation of the natural world, Simone followed her presentation by taking the group out on a nature walk.

We were surprised to learn that PIFN currently has close to a hundred members. Many people join because they love bird watching, but there is much more: some of the other activities include observing and learning about wildlife, sea life, bats, bugs and slugs…..and members are encouraged to expand their knowledge beyond Pender Island. Upcoming events include presentations on the Coastal Mountains, Hawaii, and the ocean depths. PIFN is also very involved in “citizen science”, the gathering of data by everyday people to expand understanding of nature and the impact of modern life. An example would be the annual Christmas Bird Count. PIFN organizes guest speakers and presentations, provides field trips both on and off-island, and works to involve students from the school.

The drizzly day did not deter the group, who headed out with Simone to experience a guided nature walk down to Hope Bay. Thanks, Simone!