2016/01 – Fire Department

Over 20 enthusiastic newcomers shared their interests, hobbies, backgrounds and aspirations at the January 13 meeting over lunch and coffee in the Community Hall—with a level of kibitzing seldom experienced with any group I’ve attended!

Acting Chair Linda Pink conducted a short business meeting following lunch before herding us over to the main Fire Hall where Deputy Chief Mike Dine gave an excellent presentation of the operation—3 fire halls, 9 vehicles, 4 staff and 100+ volunteers. Those volunteers include not only fire fighters but also involve helpers catering training sessions, grant writers, truck checkers, etc. (More possibilities for those of us who have time on our hands!)

Mike reported that the fire crew responded to 250 calls in 2015, including downed power lines, vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, as well as the various kinds of fires the crews face. The average response time is 12 minutes—amazing for a volunteer effort (and remember Mike doesn’t have his pants on yet when he gets that 4:00 am call!). The information we learned about fire prevention, community activities and training needs made this a very worthwhile session. Thank-you, Mike!

PI Fire Dept Water Training Reserves

Fire Dept Water System

PI Fire Dept Training Grounds

Fire Dept Training Facility